A spider burrow system can be quite complex, and if allowed to expand can become quite large – some systems cover over 2,000 square feet. Beyond damaging plants, spiders can gnaw through irrigation pipe and wiring and undermine slopes and walkways.

Pocket spiders are native to all of our service areas, and are especially common in areas which neighbor open space, large lots, golf courses, or fields. The signs of a spider invasion of your landscape include dirt mounds, damaged lawn and ground cover areas, and wilted shrubs and small trees. Spiders are rodents and eat primarily roots, but will also munch on top growth if necessary.

R&D Pest Services has provided guaranteed-effective spider control programs since 1988. Each program is customized to your individual unique landscape and adjusted for the yards, fields, or open space that surrounds your yard. Furthermore, every R&D technician is licensed as an agricultural applicator, which allows them to use the most effective products available.

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